What’s your Vibe?

Deserpate? Happy? Party? WHat’s your vibe????

Girl Rebuilt

This week I wanted to talk about your VIBE. We all have one. It’s that nameless, faceless energy that we all carry within us, that sends out magical, invisible signals about our core selves that others can usually sense. It’s what makes people say, “Yeah, she’s a generally happy person,” or “I always love being around him.”

But, as with all things, vibes especially, we have the ability to send out positive ones as well as negative. Case in point: When I was younger, my mother used to tell me that the reason I never attracted a great boyfriend (today we would use the word “healthy”) was because I was giving off the DESPERATE VIBE. When a guy would approach me, I got very serious and wanting and well, desperate. And as hard as it was to hear that, and as ugly a connotation as it was, looking back, I…

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