Love, boredom and scratching an itch

Love, impulsivity, boredom. Do you think you’re ADHD with your romantic relationships?

Girl Rebuilt

If you think this post is about my son who has ADD, don’t be fooled. It’s about YOU. But bear with me while I’ll get to that.

My son has been spiraling out of control over the past several months. He’s a smart thirteen-year-old, who scored high on all the state tests, but because of his chronic forgetfulness and disorganization, he’s failing nearly every class. Part of my frustration is that we sit together and do homework almost every night. I see it getting done. I check it. And I make sure it gets in his bag.  From there, who knows what happens! Some how, some way, it never gets turned in and he gets a big fat F. Sure, all eighth-graders are forgetful and disorganized. It’s a normal stage of development. But multiply that scenario by 50, and throw in inattentiveness, lack of motivation, easily distracted and chronically bored…

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