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For years, I laughed at self-help books. Who ever reads those silly things? I thought.  And then, when my life was on the brink of total disaster, I picked one up. And then, the cliché: it changed my life. Don’t shoot the messenger. You’re looking for answers and some of them may be found here. I highly recommended them all.




16 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. I hope you will add LOVE ADDICT: SEX, ROMANCE AND OTHER DANGEROUS DRUGS by Ethlie Ann Vare (HCI Books, Sept., 2011) to your reading list.

    It’s current, well-researched, straightforward, non-judgmental… and very, very funny.

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  2. Question: why is the SLAA text not up here? It’s the best thing going…and the only text I know written directly by people who have themselves recovered from this.

    And also, thank you for this blog. It’s utterly great, and very needed right now.


    1. Good question! I bought the SLAA text awhile back, but I did not feel as though it addressed the issues I was dealing with at the time as a love addict. But it is a good text for many! And, you’re welcome!


  3. I hear you, it’s a lot more about sex addiction, just because of the people who were initially attracted to the fellowship. But if you still have it, check out the stories “What I did for love…” and “The candle that didn’t burn out” As a recovering love addict those were the two stories that really stood out for me. And the step guide helped me to recover from love addiction. Thanks!


  4. Another good book to add is: “Ready to Heal: Women Facing, Love, Sex and Relationship Addiction” by Kelly McDaniel.
    It’s very good and I highly recommend it to any Love Addicted Women out there.


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