The Art of Change, Susan Peabody

One thought on “The Art of Change, Susan Peabody

  1. I just found these on the internet:

    One of the most helpful little books that I have read recently is The Art of Changing, Your Path to a Better Life by Susan Peabody. In a concise way she hits the big items involved when a person gets serious about changing their life for the better, i.e. willingness, taking action, getting help, helping others, building self-esteem, embracing spirituality, treating depression, healing the wounds of the past, and forgiving ourselves and others. She begins her work with a profound quote from her personal journey, “Change is to human life what the metamorphosis is to the caterpillar; it is the inevitable cycle of life. If there is no change, there is no life.” I was not looking for an in-depth analysis of the mysterious and difficult process of changing. I was looking for inspiration and I found it. Susan did it. I can too.

    Pastor Raytown

    I have just finished reading a book titled “The Art of Changing” by Susan Peabody. What prompted me to choose this book was an affirmation I noted when I flipped through the pages. You know how sometimes you can be a spiritual magnet when some things, people or occasions that appear in your life at the right time when you are working on some issues, seeking for understanding and resolution at different stages in your life. This is what happened to me. I needed this book and it arrived. As they say, “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”


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