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Kim says: Thank you so much for your article. It helped me tremendously. I find myself in a new relationship after years of being single and can identify with the circumstances and emotions that you have spoken of. Sometimes really helps having a “concrete” explanation of an “abstract” situation. Thanks again!

Riotgirl says: Read read and read L0velyJune until your eyes bleed….

Trisha wrote: Your words are really motivational and encouraging!

Mashi wrote: You are an inspiration to all of us in our paths to recovery, Thank you for continuing to grace us with your wonderful words, and wisdom!

Nina wrote: I am so grateful for your blog!

Wordsmitheryink wrote: Wow, just wow. This spoke to me so much, I just don’t know what to say except thank you, for now. Grateful for your profound insight.

Me me wrote: I have just found your blog and genuinely I feel you are writing about me, for me.

Mz Happyfeet wrote: Thank you sooooo much. You’re so on the mark. You’ve articulated so much of feelings and action that I have a hard time wrapping my head around. You have given me understandings.

Robin wrote: This article has put a new spin on my recovery. Your articles are another layer I needed spelled out. This really puts my obsessing on pause.


Robin says: This article has put a new spin on my recovery. Your articles are another layer I needed spelled out.

Beth says: I love your story. I relate to lots and lots and lots of it. Reading someone else’s truth helps more of mine bob up to the surface. It puts a few more dots in my “connecting the dots” life, so I can make more sense of how I got to where I am. Your sense of honesty and wide open bare vulnerability is healing. THANK YOU dear one. You are precious.

May says: I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I identified with it in many ways. I am very happy for you eventhough I don’t know you personally. I just feel that if you were able to improve and be a better version of yourself, it gives me hope that it isn’t impossible for me. Thank you for that.

Underwater says: Thank you for your blog, l0velyjune, i wouldn’t survive without it.

EasyTiger says: Thanks for this article. I got a lot out of it. I’m going to print it out so I can keep it as a constant reminder!

Janet K says: Thanks to your blog, I can now see what I have been avoiding all this time.

Dezz says: You don’t even know how you helped me Lovelyjune, you have no idea. I am the poster child of ambivalence in my current relationship. I know this article is old, I know you most likely no longer read what goes on here. But in case you do, your post has help me understand what’ s been going on with me for so long. You just help change a life! Though I don’t know you, I love what you’ve done for me this moment.

amidlifehealing says: Wow. This is really great. I am so glad I found your blog!

Victoria says: “Your words have provided me with such great insight and have been healing. Keep the articles coming! You’re amazing!”

Anon says: “Thank you… You help me so much and you don’t even know me.

Martha says: I’m grateful for your blog. Thank you.”

Lindsey Kleeman says: “I want to let you know how much I’ve come to love and appreciate your blog. Sure, the self help books on love addiction are helpful, but you write straight to the heart from the direct experience and it has such a sharp reflection to my own very similar patterns and behaviors… what i love about your blog is that it helps me understand the root causes as well as cures to these crazy making patterns… that have been running all of my relationships! Im 37yrs old and really truly ready to put an end to this cycle and not settle for so little any more*** So much gratitude again for your clarity, recovery and love… it is supportive beyond words* bonjourno from Perugia, Italia”

Shaun says: “Whoa. First time commenter, two year reader. First, I want to let you know that your view, your writing and story have been the most helpful to understanding this pattern that I have, formally called Love Addiction…You’re the only one speaking about this in a way that actually reached me, and gave what I’ve been doing since I was 14 a name. Your work is part of the menagerie of meaningful, Truthful work that I’ve been turning to to get better! In Gratitude and Respect!”

Ambi says: “Inspiring.”

chantalpartridge says: “Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your courage and willingness to stand in the light so that others can also know hope and freedom.”

Riot Girl says: “Even more amazing and wonderful healing stuff. Truly life saving…”

MM says: “This blog has hit home with me in ways no articles online have!”

Riot Girl says: “This is life changing AMAZING information and I totally agree with you, the answer is to read and read and read and then go and read some more…only thing is for me, this info was not readily available 20 years ago, never mind, its here now, so, thanks to you and others, keep up the great work, well done and good luck…”

Jessica says: “Thank you for doing this blog. I was in so much denial and your story and articles have enlightened me.”

hope-at-last says: “Hi, Lovely. God bless you! I have been doing some deeper soul searching and just remembered this blog you have here. Thank you for always sharing these insightful articles! I have always lurked around this blog, but never managed to comment yet. Though, I can’t help but spurt out how I feel right now, because I saw this at the right time…”

GonnaGetBetter says: “This is so unbelievably relevant and timely for me…Oh thank you, thank you for always saying the right things at the right time. I’ve been meandering through your blog for days now and every post seems to speak deeper into my experience.”

Renee says: “I am SO incredibly happy that I found this blog…. It has changed my life. I have been suffering for so long.”

Dream says: “I love your blog…its just a life line for me.”

Carol says: “I keep coming back to this article in your blog, it helps me keep reality at the forefront because it is my story it is me and it is soooooo true it is very powerful and very helpful i am using it as a tool when the pain of withdrawal hits i read it and it helps to center my mind in reality……….thank you for writing this.”

Ronette says: “Thank you for your wise insight and words. I am new here, but always look for threads you have participated in or led. I hope you realize that you are offering so many of us hope and encouragement, as well as a reality check. I appreciate all you offer everyone here. Thank you. Peace to you in the New Year.”

Anon says: “Thank you for the life saving information I found in you last April. Isn’t it just absolutely wonderful that today, NYE, I am sitting at home with my two intelligent, educated and loving ‘grown’ sons, instead of wasting my time on a “LOSER” and trying to make myself feel happier…I learned this year ONLY because of you…I was already happy, healthy and catered for…The garbage has been offloaded. I feel clean. Big massive love to you, hugs and best wishes…now go off and save some other poor sick women in 2014!…go on….hurry!!!..QUICK!!!..xxx”

Anon says: “I had already emotionally educated my sons, like “do what I say, not as I ‘do’!. And they are great, however, they watched me recover with a lap top on the couch, reading you, and additionally think you are AMAZING!..come on, anyone who could tell me anything worth listening to has got to be good, right?. They too take your varied mantras with them and can spot a love addict a mile away. There were no more self help books for me to read, nowhere left to turn and then I found your site, (By accident) MIRACULOUS!….I really do believe it is the way you tell it and your sincerity that is the key. I for one can’t take on board anyone’s stuff unless I know they have been through it themselves. Your suffering was not in vain…I for one am the living proof…blessings…x”

Zealous says: “I really enjoy reading your posts and the advice you give to others. I am making an assumption here but it sounds like you have done a lot of work with the relationship that you have with yourself and the universe. Thanks for your words and wisdom.”

FreeRunner says: “I cannot thank you enough. You are helping me more than you could ever know.”

Rob says: “I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your advice on creating a values list. I read the links you provided and went through the exercise and I can’t begin to tell you how enlightening that was for me. Your advice was perhaps among the best and most helpful pieces of advice I’ve gotten in many, many years if not ever. Thank you again for your advice and the blog entries you wrote on that topic. I know that a step down the road will be setting and enforcing boundaries to ensure my values are honored and respected, do you have links or blog entries that deal with this topic? It is an area where I have struggled in the past… Thanks again!”

pursuitofhappy says: “Lovelyjune, thanks for your comments as well, they hit close to home and you’re right, I need to learn how to self soothe and cope in positive ways. Your blog is so insightful and is what lead me to this forum. Hope you realize that you are saving lives, thanks for all the work you do!”

Stela says: “You should be really proud of yourself for how much you have done for people with your blog. Its a magnificent work, not ordinary. You better write a book. If you haven’t until now. You and this forum and Susan practically saved my marriage and my sanity. God bless you.”

Lee says: “Yet another fantastic piece of writing!!”—Lee

Anon says: “Fabulous …,truly fabulous statement. I can’t tell you how much that meant! I look forward to all of your posts. Thank you!”