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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I want to let you know how much Ive come to love and appreciate your blog. Sure, the self help books on love addiction are helpful, but you write straight to the heart from the direct experience and it has such a sharp reflection to my own very similar patterns and behaviors. I am currently in Italy taking myself on a 6week sojourn to break the cycle of a 3yr relationship with a man/love avoidant/narcissist that I have refused to let go of… until now… It is not easy not reaching out to him (he never has maintained contact whenever we’ve been apart in the past, its always been me) but I’m really reminding myself of what I really want. I love your new ‘break up diary’ and also had the thought that it would be very interesting if you were to add a couple side notes after some entries as to breaking down some of the behaviors and what in hind site you see you could have done differently to avoid future suffering… what i love about your blog is that it helps me understand the root causes as well as cures to these crazy making patterns… that have been running all of my relationships! Im 37yrs old and really truly ready to put an end to this cycle and not settle for so little any more*** So much gratitude again for your clarity, recovery and love… it is supportive beyond words* bonjourno from Perugia, Italia


    1. WoW! What a wonderful comment. You made my day!!! Thank you. Thank you. And I love that you’re doing your own personal Eat, Pray, Love in Italy to get over this relationship. I hope your journey is just as healing and filled with inspiration!!!

      And thank you for reading The Break Up Journal. It’s funny that you mention adding side notes. I thought of doing that as well, and may, in the comments section. Believe me, when I read back on this particular journal, I want to smack the girl and set her straight. At this point, if I were to meet “her” where I am now, I would tell her to listen to those red flags. That, if you sense something is “off” it probably is. And more than that, do you want to live with that “off” feeling (which will ultimately become painful)? Thing is, I would not have been ready for my own advice! I had to go through what I went through in order to get here.

      I would truly appreciate any of your comments on the actual journal entries, so feel free to post if you find something interesting! And I will definitely try to add a few comments myself.


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