Goals, after the break-up

Dealing with a #breakup? Set goals now so you don’t go running back.

Girl Rebuilt

After the break-up

Now that I definitely know where I stand (partly because I choose to stand here and partly imposed upon me) I have decided to set goals for myself. I am sharing them with you all in hopes of expanding the learning and understanding….

1. I need to (or would like to) redefine or simply re-examine my type of man. I think this is crucial. Sure, I want the bad boy with tattoos and the cool heart of a serious lover. I want that “look” of sexiness and individuality or as I used to describe my ex, that “urban intellectual.” And yet, I also want a family man. A man capable of loving and accepting the realm of family LoVe. A man who is not afraid of the mini-van and the children and the fact that i have a life in the suburbs. A man who can…

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