The Break-Up Journal: Bad Dreams

August 26—I missed writing on Monday as I decided to stay in bed with P. I actually want to go back to bed. I was so exhausted running around getting stuff done yesterday. It wasn’t a very relaxing day and yet we still got time to snorkel and lay in the sun on the back patio.

I guess I’ll start with my nightmare about P who looked exactly like that bohemian guy in McDonald’s with the crazy look in his eyes and the dirty clothes. I was with my kids living in a very strange place and making them their lunches for the first day of school. I was rushing and putting together peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. P came into the kitchen to help me and then, when he finished he was so proud of himself and all the work he’d done. I thought that was a little annoying considering that I did most of the work. I then mentioned that I had to make the kids breakfast too (more work), and he flew off the handle, yelling at me. “Those kids are spoiled!” and “You shouldn’t give them anything to teach them a lesson.” It was a very weird dream, because he is usually so calm and peaceful around the kids.

So, we had breakfast over at the Wyndham yesterday and talk to a lovely woman named Tony who taught us so much about the Bahamian government. From there, we went to Nassau Glass and bought wall sconces for the house and had a picture stretched onto canvas so that we could hang it. We came back, and met Zack at the house. I talk to him a lot about what’s been going on with the plumbing, so he’s getting someone out to fix the toilet. The electricians came and took a look at the wiring job. They’re coming out on Wednesday to fix a ton of stuff. Thank God! I guess even in paradise there are plumbing and electrical problems.

Then P cleaned the courtyard and made it look oh so beautiful while I went to the bank. Sigh of relief! The bank experience went smoothly for once. I didn’t think it would. It never does, and I usually have to wait hours to resolve something like a simple withdrawal. I ended up taking out $2000 for all my expenses on the house and for travel. Then P and I snorkeled and lay out by the pool for a while before starting back up again with our chores. We fooled around for a bit, but nothing too intense. We were both really wiped out.

Taken from: The Break-Up Journal

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