Lovely Addict on elephant journal

So, I’ve been subscribed to elephant journal for a couple years now, and I thought, jeeze, I should write for them and share some of my knowledge on relationships! Et voila! I submitted Filling the Void (slightly tweaked) and they loved it. Now,  The Lovely Addict is writing for elephant journal. So…please be sure to subscribe to their newsletter. Not only is it one of my favorite sites, but it’s also a wealth of feel good, uplifting articles written by some pretty amazing people!

Which reminds me…if you have a topic you’d like me to write about, or you have an issue you’d like a bit of advice on, please send me an email  or post a comment below to let me know. We’re in this together! And as this community grows the stronger and healthier we all become.

Peace and Love!





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