Giver or Taker?

I want to share with you something that D and I were talking about the other day…

The difference between givers and takers.

I had forgotten that you can generalize people into one of these two groups. Of course nothing is black and white, and no one is all of one and nothing of the other, but some people tend to lean more to one side than the other.

So, this week’s topic is givers and takers (let’s compartmentalize!). But, this exercise is about YOU! I don’t want you to look to your PoA and define him or her as a giver or a taker. I am sure you could do that in under a second. It’s so easy to look at other people and define them (yet another reason we may be love addicts–it’s difficult to face who we are). Instead, what I’d like you to do is look at yourself and answer that question. Are YOU a giver or taker? If you can’t, right off the bat, figure it out, or if you’re unsure as to which side you lean, try writing a list of instances where you may be a giver and where you may be a taker.

And further, do you know the difference between these two characteristics? Here’s a look:

-A taker is always looking for someone to help him.
-Her hand is always out.
-The world “owes” him something.
-She tends to manipulate people to do things for her
-Perhaps the taker will even give something simply in order to get something back.

-A giver gives and expects nothing in return
-A giver does not do favors or offers help only to martyr themselves, complaining that they always give
-The world doesn’t owe anything to a giver; in fact, a giver recognizes his or her responsibility to give back to the world
-His hand is always offering, not asking for favors or short cuts
-Work is enjoyable to a giver. She recognizes the benefit to herself and others because of her commitment to what she does.

So………are you a giver or taker? Comments please!

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