“Trouble comes cheap and leaves expensive”- Richard Ford

Here are two sides of the same coin. Two interconnected quotes. What do they mean when you put them together? Don’t let the trouble that enters your life temporarily cause you to make a permanent and expensive mistake.

Often we get into “trouble” or date people who are bad for us because we don’t take the time to calculate risk. Calculating risk takes a higher level of functioning. And by higher level of functioning I mean being more mature, using your logical, adult brain instead of depending solely on your emotions.  It also means having a deeper appreciation for who you are what VALUE you have. When you recognize your value, you tend to want to protect it at all cost; so, you adopt behaviors and l traits to protect your own value and worth: you learn to use instinct, time, patience and calculated risk to assess situations and people. What becomes important is YOU, not the sex, or the fantasy, or the intensity, or any ‘ol relationship just for the relationship’s sake, or wanting to be saved at any cost. All those things would be nice. But they are secondary to your importance.

Just something to remember.

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