Being away from the one you love

Being away from the one you love is painfully excrutiating when you are addicted to that person. Being away from the one you love when it’s not a good, strong, healthy or wholesome relationship can be tough too, especially if there’s lack of trust. But how does it feel to be away from the one you love when you are long past addiction, well into recovery and have a healthy relationship?

The answer is somewhat complicated. It’s different for everyone. In my case, I will be away from D for 10 days total and while I am sad and miss him (I’m on day 6 today), I am by no means miserable, in pain or suffering. How can that be? Well, for starters, he’s called me three times since I’ve been away (I’m in Spain for those who are curious), and we’ve e-mailed eachother every day, if not twice (plus a few facebook updates). Point is, I trust him. He is letting me know he misses me. He is reaching out to me.

In this world where communication is so easy there’s NO REASON ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TALK TO YOU CANNOT DO SO. Unless of course it’s a matter of camping in the boondocks or taking a spiritual retreat where communcation is prohibited, people can touch base with other with one click of a mouse or a cell phone “enter” key. 

Anyway, being back here in SPain with my inlaws after two years has obviously stirred up some unpleasant memories of the last time I was here. I was dating S and he never wrote, never called etc. UNLESS I begged him. That was a sign that there was something wrong with our relationship; I just didn’t know it then. Travel can be tricky, especially when traveling together or apart. It can also be eye opening, so look for signs of health in your relationship via your travels. It could lead to an awareness of something you were not able to recognize before.

2 thoughts on “Being away from the one you love

  1. I am going to be away from the love of my life for over a year! Yes we will be able to talk and skype often, but I fear that it will just not be the same and that we could grow apart or that something could happen. We have a strong relationship but I just fear for the worst and I dont know how to cope with it all.


    1. Hi Amber,

      If you have a strong relationship then there’s nothing to fear, right? Part of a strong relationship is trust. If you trust each other, love each other and share the same goals to be back with one another, then you should be OK. On the flip side, you need to know and believe you will be OK, even if the two of you grow apart. Take this year and don’t spend it “waiting” for this person to come back. SPend it getting to know yourself.


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