Eye of the storm

There’s a false sense of calm over the semester break. It makes me think I can just slack off and do nothing. Yet, that is entirely false. I need to stay focused and work towards my goals: finishing grad school, publishing my work, maintaining my job at the company and eventually getting or creating a job I enjoy. Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, I have allowed myself an entire day to sit in front of the computer and do absolutely nothing but post little stuff here and there. I feel like I’ve sunk back into my love addiction, where I spent all day WAITING for G to come over or call after he was done at the diner. God, what an awful feeling. I haven’t felt like that in awhile. I’ve been enormously busy since September that this peace feels ugly, strange and wasteful. I did, after all, always believe I was more a procrastinator than a love addict. Ugg. I must motivate myself.

And I will! After tonight’s little get-together. My dearest friend DB is home for the holidays and she’s coming over tonight to hang with me and D and D’s sister and possibly D’s brother. So, one more night of festivities and then I need to make a list to start me back on a more motivational track. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Eye of the storm

  1. Hi tracey I know what you mean about the time wasting. I am the same, it kills me when it takes a day to do a job I know when pushed I can do in 2 hours. ergghh. However I did recently read an article about the art of doing nothing. I do believe its as important to learn to waste time too and to do this guilt free. I find it hard but occasionally I put a day aside to mooch, sleep, speak to no-one, and waste lots of time…. its beginning to work for me.



  2. This is me. I have a list of things to do and I’m always waiting on my guy to come over. It’s crazy how quickly I lose myself in a relationship. I recognize it now. All I have to do is act towards making a change. I hate being this person. So grateful for your blog.

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