I had a lovely morning…wrote, wrote, wrote…breakfast, no kids around, leisurely time on the computer. Got showered dressed and then went outside to head to the gym. There on my front door step is a box (not mailed, mind you). I bring it into the house thinking it’s a little gift or something, and here, it turns out, it’s all my stuff i left at my ex’s, finally being returned. 


I burst into tears. I’m still in tears. No knock at the door. No text. No phone call. No head’s up. Just, here’s your stuff, sitting on my step. 

i take this personally and i know i shouldn’t. It’s just part and parcel of the passage of a relationship. But it’s hostile. It’s more rejection. It’s so bloody COLD and detached. i WILL write to him and ask, why? as if I don’t know the answer. 

oh lord. give me strength today to deal.

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