Needy and clingy?

How do you fix your neediness? Should it be fixed? Or is it a sign of something else?

Girl Rebuilt

Ever find yourself hanging on to certain people and just desperately needing their attention? In most cases, we become clingy and needy with people who tend to keep us at a distance or avoid us. How can you test this theory? Well, think about it. Think about someone from your past or present (a friend, an ex, a family member) who showed you lots of love and never let you down and was always there for you. How was your behavior then? Probably not clingy. Probably calm. Peaceful. Fulfilled.

The world works in yin and yang. It works to balance out loss or gain, closeness and distance. The more a loved one runs away from us, the more needy we suddenly become. The more we want their presence in our lives the more absent they seem to be. And vice versa. The more needy someone becomes of us, the more demanding…

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