Top 5 self-defeating beliefs when you can’t get over a break-up

I was always guilty of #5. You? Do any of these sound familiar? #breakup #beliefs

Girl Rebuilt

There are certain things people will say or do when going through a break-up that simply drive me insane. I want to shake these people and say, “do you hear yourself?! You will not get over this with that kind of thinking!” Of course, the reason these things drive me insane is because I am or was guilty of ALL of them. That which you do not like in others is really what you don’t like in yourself. So, as I post these comments and false beliefs from others, let it be known that they are really a reminder of my own unhealthy thinking at a time in my life when I just didn’t think I could ever heal after a messy break-up. Here they are…

  1. “He took away my self-esteem and ultimately my dignity.” No he (or she) didn’t. No one takes away either of those things from anyone. You…

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