How do you like that…

I was doing so well. And then G called on Christmas and we talked and had a great conversation. Only now I keep waiting for him to call me again. It’s not obsessive. But it’s there, in the back of my mind. Just when I thought I was finally done, I wasn’t. Of course, I won’t call him. I think I’m done in that department. I just don’t like feeling all that rejection I was feeling. And besides, I’m supposed to be moving away from him…Remember? That’s what recovery is about Tracy. MOVING ON.

Come on, girl. It’s Monday night. Go to the gym. Go to an al-anon meeting. Drive. Read. Buy lye for making soap. Get the rest of the soap-making products on your list. Go to McDonald’s and watch HBO all night. You put in a great work day today. You found one of your dear old friends from Paris. You kept off of Facebook most of the day. Made a nice lunch for the boys. And you’ve even been invited to make an iMix for a friend’s party. Lot’s to think of. Get G off your mind.

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