Vision~Step 3

Back when I was living in France I had brought one of my most favorite books with me to read, Leo Buscaglia’s “Living, Loving, Learning.” I was completely alone, sitting in my little chambre de bonne one night, in the city of love and lights and I read: “It is when we ask for love less and begin giving it more that the basis of human love is revealed to us.” He also said that Love was a great thing…much like knowledge…you could give it out and give it out and share it and yet, you never lost it. It was partly through these two ideas that I survived alone and truly felt ALIVE, despite my aloneness. 

i forgot these ideas. And i am grateful through the Steps for reminding me. 

Reflecting upon the idea “the more you give the more you shall receive” is a bit tricky for many. Because for many we give toreceive. But when, like Buscaglia says, you “ask for love less and begin giving it more,” you can’t help but rejoice in knowing that you are deeply loving humanity and creating joy for others that may not be able to create it for themselves. In that very act of giving, your heart grows and you know the depth of love.

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