Video Blog: Obsession

Yahoo! The first of my video blogs is out! Thanks for your patience.

You will need to click the picture below and go to Youtube to view it. Maybe in the future, I’ll pay the hefty sum to post videos right on WordPress, but until then, this’ll have to do. Feel free to post feedback so I know whether  to do another one of these or not. And by all means, give me topic ideas for next week! My youtube channel will be here. And I will try to do one a week to cut back on typing.

In love addiction, we only obsess over people or things that don’t belong to us.


5 thoughts on “Video Blog: Obsession

  1. Dear Lovely Addict,
    Thanks for your blog (it has been helping me a lot going through love withdrawal and NC for 107 days) and thanks for the video blog! It came just in time when I am having signs of slippery, wanting to contact, going over obsessive thoughts of wanting to “be friends” when I know I obess about this relationship. So your blog was just perfect for me at this moment. If am obessing, there is something wrong! Thank you, thank you!


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