The Lovely Addict

No longer chained to my addictions, this is me on my way out to dinner in Philly last year. I consider myself more a business woman than a meek and humble girl who has no control over her life. I’m posting this pic because it empowers me. What’s your most empowering moment?

4 thoughts on “The Lovely Addict

  1. Deare Lovely addict,
    Congratulations for your blog! I´m in recovery, love withdrawal, having a difficult time, but always get a sense of perspective and a reality check when I read your posts. I love this picture you posted. it is indeed empowering and it helps me visualize myself one day, when I recover. Thank you soooo much for creating such a wonderful blog, so many wonderful posts, I´m making a file of the ones I need to read and re-read and will print them. Having a major slippery and need help. Thank you!! God Bless you.
    Blue Fairy


  2. Dear Tracy,
    thank you for your blog and all the power you put into it. By sharing your personal story you absolutely shared the wealth 🙂 Thank you so much for that. I would love to share my thoughts on the struggle on the recovery road with you, but, I unfortunately do not know how? Email? FB? Whatever?
    Please give me a hint as to how to contact you if you feel alright with that. All the best, Sandra


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