Just for today

Everyone needs to take a break today. So here’s a challenge:

Just for today I want you to give up the following and just simply RELAX and enjoy the day:

The analyzing: give your brain a rest! Too much analyzing is too much. Let it go. Just for today.

The drama: whatever you are enmeshed in, whatever you are wrapped up in….let it go. Let others deal with their issues. You deal with just kicking back today and enjoy the sun or the moon (where ever you are!)

The painDon’t hold onto it today. Just today! I promise, you can have your pain back tomorrow. But today, let all that pain and pressure seep out of you and melt away.

The questions: I know you have a lot of questions. I know you deserve answers. But put all that on the back burner for today. And be content not knowing. You’ll figure it out. But not today. Breathe in today, deeply, and breathe out, slowly. Let it go.

The attempt to be perfect and figure it all out: wear sweat pants today, let your hair down. Unbuckle your pants. Stop walking around like you have to be this beautiful, faultless model of perfection. Laugh at your mistakes, your looks, your faux-pas, your idiosyncrasies, your short-comings, your limitations…Take a break! Just today.

The desire, the want, the need: Enjoy what you have today as if this is all you will ever be given. As if this is it. Make peace with your house, your looks, your money, your relationship situation or lack thereof. Stop the craving for something better, bigger, lovelier, sexier, more expensive, more this and more that. Stop needing stuff. You have enough. For just today, you have everything you need. Take a sigh of relief and enjoy what that feels like.

Oh yes, and don’t forget blame, hate, anger, self-loathing, depression and all those other nasty emotions you just don’t need to deal with today!

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