Killing time

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SO much of our suffering is due in great part to simply not having a life, not being busy and occupied, or allowing ourselves to become bored. These are very difficult states to be in when trying to overcome the loss of a PoA. They are also counterproductive to real change. When boredom sets in, things like stalking, chasing, looking at old photos, dwelling on past memories, listening to old music and other similar acts take over and the next thing you know, you’re deep into a mental and emotional vacuum, sucked back into the world of the PoA. Not good. Pointless.

So, this thread (inspired by a member on the forums) is for you to list some of the ways in which you kept busy today and avoided the perils of boredom! Keeping busy, no matter what the focus, helps you HEAL. It replenishes you and stifles the toxicity of boredom. And activities that not only keep you busy, but are also soul strengthening (recovery work, doing art, doing something you love, going to a spa, relaxing) are like water, soil and sunlight to a flower in need of growth.

So…share your list here. And if it’s small, or non-existent, that’s OK. This thread will hopefully help you to become aware of how you spend your time and help you recognize the importance of keeping busy during NC and recovery.

Today I…

taught a basic writing class,
graded papers,
wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper on an issue we’re having in town,
talked with my mother about our eternal IBS issues (!),
wrote a food blog,
wrote a 200 word Bio for the new LA documentary website
cooked (chicken cutlets, salad and sweet potato fries),
wasted time on Facebook (need to do this less)
took kids to get haircuts and soft pretzels
wrote this post!

Today it was relatively easy to keep busy. Other days, it’s not so easy!

Your turn!

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