Revisiting the past

I’m very excited. After two years, Pernille Rose Grønkjær’s new documentary “Love Addict” will be released in 2011. If you’d like to watch the trailer, I’ve posted the youtube link below.

I haven’t watched it in quite a while and it’s very DIFFICULT to do so. The girl crying on the bench is me about two and a half years ago. The guy sitting next to me was my PoA. It’s all very yucky to remember where I was and what I was going through. And yet, it is a very large part of who I am and who I’ve become. And I feel as though I need to remember from time to time, so that I never go back.

I will be meeting Pernille and the producer in NYC this week for a private screening, all expenses paid. I will be one of the first to see the 80-minute documentary. And despite being quite excited, I am a little nervous to see what Pernille has done with all the stories and how she has portrayed us all. What’s more, I am hoping she has not created only the ugly side of love addiction, the drama-driven side, for the sake of ratings. There is a completely conventional, boring, unentertaining side to it all and it’s called RECOVERY. People do get better. People do change. Will that be portrayed? Will that even be mentioned?

When I watch the trailer, I look like a completely hopeless case. And yet, this film was shot after I had had the courage to leave my PoA and no longer “date” him. I, of course, was still friends with him. I was still depending on him emotionally. But the relationship was pretty much over. I was alone when they filmed us. I’m certain my “personal” story will not come through entirely. But a collective story of love addiction, of which I am one small part, will hopefully come through tastefully and as realistic as possible. I’ll let you all know next week!


4 thoughts on “Revisiting the past

  1. Hi T,
    Although I no longer post actively on LAA, I’ve started reading again every day as it helps me in my recovery. There are lots of good people on there but I had to get away from the drama. I still struggle with keeping my life drama-free but I’m a lot better than I was.

    When I was reading earlier today, I clicked on your link and saw the trailer. Wow. I can so relate to what you went through as I was very similar with my PoA. I only met up with him one weekend but I was totally in his power for a long time via the internet. I still have to be very careful not to snoop but I slip when I’m feeling especially vulnerable at home.

    From the trailer,I think the documentary looks very good indeed and hope to be able to see it when it comes out.

    All the very best to you,


    1. Greta! Nice to see you again.

      And I think that’s awesome about you wanting to stay away from the drama. Drama comes and goes within any community. But it’s best to stay out of it. I try to. I will keep you posted on the documentary. I saw it just yesterday, so I will be posting a blog about it soon. Very Best to you too!


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