I haven’t written in a while and that’s always a good thing. Life has been very peaceful and busy. I finished up the semester the first week of May (grad school and teaching) and then had NOTHING to do, so I signed up for the Summer Writers Conference in mid-June. I also booked a trip to Spain. Me, D and my two kids are going over the summer. The kids will be attending a one-week intensive Spanish language camp (over night!) and D and I will be traveling to the south of Spain for six days. We’re staying in Cordoba for a night, Granada two night and Vejer for two also, then coming back to Madrid to pick up the boys. He’ll go back to the States and I will spend another week with my kids and in-laws. Lastly, we’ll be staying with my brother and his wife at the beach, end of August. Very busy summer!

But most importantly is that I have been training for a triathlon. This is a huge challenge to me, but I have to do it. And D is hugely supportive as he decided to join me and train for his own marathon. I love sharing a healthy goal with someone. It has been such a huge fulfilling experience. And I have grown to love and respect him even more.

We are still not living together, though we talk about it and plan for it. It is in our future, but when I don’t know. Thing is, I am perfectly content living alone. He comes over 3-4 times a week anyway, so it’s not like we don’t see each other enough. In fact, it’s just the right amount of time to spend with someone and I sometimes worry that living together will change this beautiful life we now have. He worries about the same sometimes, but thinks we’ll be fine. I hope so. This is probably what makes me most nervous about the future. Change! Especially since I’ve found such peace.

But, moving forward is inevitable. And I must embrace the challenge. We’ve come so close and so far in a year and four months. I must be willing to face the changes that come if I am (we are) to grow.

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