I love this picture that I took from Deviantart Probably because they are so real and in love.



I thought I’d share an email that D sent me the other day, out of the blue– the best kind. I thought it was absolutely beautiful, and I wanted to show you what love looks like when it’s right. I rarely talk about D on this site, mainly because I never want to talk about my own happiness in the face of some who may still be suffering. But at the same time, I think it’s important for people to know that life can change! That normal, healthy, happy, love is possible. So…to love and recovery! May it be right around the corner for you.


Hey Beautiful,

I ran into B at the M___ groundbreaking.  He was there taking pictures for the newspaper.  We talked about your professor.

I am picking my kids up at C’s karate class at 4pm.  I am getting food from the Country Club on the way home.  Do you want anything?   I could drop it off a little before 5pm.

Here are a few things that I love about you.  You thank me after great sex.  You have really nice brown leather chairs that look like something I would have picked out.  You like it when I play the guitar.  You are going to A’s to get your measurements done.  You are coming with me to Bar functions.  You make great fruit shakes.  You wear socks that come up past your knees.  You are really into Halloween.  You are a great writer.  You are a great kisser.  You live life and want to explore and grow.

I love you.


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