Documentary in the Making on Love Addiction

Over a year ago, as some of you may know, I met the lovely Pernille Grønkjær, a film director and documentarist. We talked about love addiction in great length and, at the time, as I was still dealing with G, I allowed Pernille to consider me for her documentary. Well, she is still looking for people who might want to share their story and become a part of something that could possibly help millions of people. Pernille is hugely accessible, warm, friendly and easy to talk to. Her documentaries are also extremely beautiful. This is not a Jerry Springer-type film at all, but something deeper and more relevant to those who suffer from love addiction. I strongly suggest emailing her or calling her. She needs your help, feedback, stories etc. Below is her announcement…


We are looking for people who would like to participate in a documentary on love addiction. If you are addicted to love, love becomes more of a struggle than something great and joyful. Love addiction can rule your life in a destructive way. As someone addicted to love, you ignore your own boundaries and needs, and your attempts to loving someone are seldom returned. Love addiction can lead to obsessive thinking, anxiety, despair and loneliness. With this film we would like to tell the world around us more about love addiction and help people understand. We hope you would like to help with your insights and experiences. There are many types and stages of love addiction, and we are interested in hearing about any one of them. We will be in the US in November and December 2009. Learn more: Write us: Warm regards Elvira (research) and Pernille Rose (director)

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