Seeing my ex

So, I hadn’t talked to S for a couple months. The last time we talked I told him about how great my new relationship was (he asked!) and shortly after that, I didn’t hear from him again. He bailed out on me and my kids when we attempted to visit him in the city too, so, I figured he was just sniffing around to see if I was available for sex and since I wasn’t, he found no use for me. But he recently “pinged” me again. This time the premise was that he wanted me to take photos of something he had painted for me when we first started dating. He was getting his portfolio together and wanted to add it. That, and he had been in a car accident. As always, I took pity on him and told him I’d come out and visit him; that I’d bring him back his painting and that I’d bake him a pie (typical co-dependent, I know). WHen he continued to send me emails asking me how my relationship was going, I avoided answering him. But the bottom line, I will see him this afternoon at a diner with the kids- if he doesn’t bail out on us again, that is. Both my boys will be thrilled. OUt of all the guys I dated, they loved him best of all. Probably because he was just a big kid himself and not much of an adult.

Anyway, I am breaking a few rules.

  1. Never bother with S anymore.
  2. Always take the who cares approach with S.
  3. Don’t go out of my way for any ex anymore, except maybe G or R, and only if they needed the help.
  4. Remember that D should be the only recipient of my love and devotion, not some ex who dumped me because he wasn’t even in love with me anymore.
  5. Stay detached.
  6. Stay true to D. If S asks about the health of my relationship, tell him! It’s great! Maintain an emotional distance.

So…we will see how well I handle this. Why he wants to meet me is somewhat of a mystery. Maybe he is able to overlook things and simply wants his painting back and wants to tease me or flirt with me. Oh well. SO be it. I’ll let y’all know what comes of it.

2 thoughts on “Seeing my ex

  1. How cool is that!! just been catching up on your blog T after being in the pyranees having a lovely old time. so nice to see you growing beautifully, very inspiring 🙂


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